Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October 2016 Update

New samples in October 2016.

E: Ezidî
F: Feylî
K: Kurmancî
S: Soranî
Z: Zazakî (Kirmanckî, Kirdkî, Dimilî)

Kurdish Tribes Y-DNA Haplogroups

Northern Kurds Y-DNA Haplogroups

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  1. Hello MfA. You mention Kurdish-majority regions such as Çewlig, Mehabad, Dersim and Şengal separately from Kurdistan in your list. Are they excluded from Kurdistan in your definition of Kurdistan? And which regions are included in your definition of Kurdistan?

    1. I use the term Kurdistan if there's no any data for the location of sample.

  2. Why is KRD006 listed as having origins from "Meledi"(Malatya)?

    He is Alevi Kurmanc from Marash not Malatya.

    1. Thanks for the drop by Sido.
      The list will be good as much as info I collect. Probably previous assessment was a prediction based on autosomal data. Seeing he's actually from Marash, it wasn't that off. I fixed that accordingly.

      So is FTDNA kit #367810, a different person?

    2. I think that FTDNA kit #367810 might be another person because KRD006 has only got tested with 23andme and he is Y-DNA J2* not J2a