Sunday, 28 August 2016

Kurdish Y-DNA Haplogroups Frequencies by Regions

Most of the data is from 23andMe and FTDNA.

Used publications:
Gokcumen et al., 2011
Grugni et al., 2012
Malyarchuk et al., 2013
Cristofaro et al., 2013

1. Adana, Aleppo, Dîlok, Mereş, n: 6, confidence: very low
2. Agirî, Bedlîs, Wan, n: 8, confidence: very low
3. Amed, Elêzîz, Riha, n: 13, confidence: low
4. Colemerg, Duhok, Mêrdîn, Şengal, Şirnex, n: 9, confidence: very low
5. Çewlig, Mûş n: 8, confidence: very low
6. Dêrsim, n: 55, confidence: high
7. Erzingan, Erzirom, Sewas, n: 10, confidence: low
8. Hewlêr, n: 6, confidence: very low
9. Îlam, Kirmaşan, Baghdad, n: 35, confidence: medium
10. Kerkûk, Silêmanî, n:14, confidence: low
11. Konya, Ankara, n: 44, confidence: high
12. Meledî, Semsûr, n: 6, confidence: very low
13. Sine, n: 86, confidence: very high

N total: 300

Region code:

Frequency Maps:

PCA and Dendrogram:

Kurdish Tribes Y-DNA Haplogroups

Northern Kurds Y-DNA Haplogroups

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