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Kurdish Tribes Y-DNA Haplogroups

Updated: 10.06.2017

Today, I want to present some Kurdish tribes Y-DNA haplogroup results across the Kurdistan. Thanks to project admin of Dersim DNA Project for his work.

For Dêrsim region I've used Nuri Dêrsimî's nomenclature for the tribes from his book "Dêrsim in the history of Kurdistan" (1952)

Not to forget to mention we have a new blog called FeyliDnaProject.blogspot. We received many Feyli results thanks to him.

Also checkout the Feyli.se website if you want to learn more about Feyli Kurdish tribes mentioned below.

Dêrsim and its tribes - N. Dêrsimî, 1952
Great family clans and confederacies in Kurdistan - M. Izady, 1998

South and Southeastern Kurdistan: Tribes and Clans- M. Izady, 2002

Alan - R1a-L62>YP5664 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 461580
Alan - R1a-L62>M417 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: ?
Alan - R1b-M343>M269>P311 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E22089
Alxan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 510248
Areyan - J1-M267>PF7263>ZS4440 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 454546
Areyan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: N102077
Areyan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 366762
Azîzî - G2a2b1a1a-P287>L31>L30>M406>L14 - Agirî, Kurmanjî

Baabe - E1b1b1-M35>M78>V13>CTS5856* - Silêmanî, Soranî FTDNA: 536478
Balaban - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z7700>L192>FGC30635 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346263
Balaban - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346241
Balakan - E1b1b1-M35>M78>V13 - Soran, Sorani
Balikan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: B19725
Bamasûran - R1b-M343>M269 (L23-) - Elêzîz, Zaza
Barzanî - J1-M267>M365 - Hewlêr, Kurmanji FTDNA: 554451
Belbas - R1a-L62>YP5664 - Rewandiz, Sorani FTDNA: 554429
Belbas - J1-M267>L136>PF7263 - Musîl, Sorani FTDNA: 554445
Bextîyaran- R1a-L62>YP5664 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: E20643
Berzencî - J1-M267>PF7263 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: 415187
Berzencî - J1-M267>P58>Z18297 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: N88767
Berzencî - R1a-L62>M417>Z94>Z2124>Z2125 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: 415189

Çarekan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>Y18687 - Erzirom, Zaza FTDNA: 178932
Çarekan - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z7700>L192>FGC30635 - Çewlig, Zaza FTDNA: 524216
Çingyanî - R1a-L62>M417>Z94>Y40>YP4867 - Silêmanî, Soranî FTDNA: N36757

Demenan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731- Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346253
Derwiş Cemelan - J2-M172 - Dêrsim - Zaza FTDNA: ?
Domana - R1a-L62>M417 - Şirnex - Kurmanji

Elî Şerwan - J1-M267>PF7263 - Îlam,  Feyli
Elî Şerwan-Çiraxwend - E1b1b1-M35>M34 - Îlam,  Feyli
Elî Şerwan-Çiraxwend - J1-M267 (M365-, P56-, P58-) - Îlam,  Feyli

Ginîan - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z7700>L192>FGC30635 - Qoçgirî, Zaza FTDNA: 343979
Ginîan - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84 - Qoçgirî, Zaza FTDNA: 454549
Gulaban - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Erzingan, Kurmanji FTDNA: E20843

Haskanî - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24 - Şengal - Ezidî FTDNA: 533251
Hawramî - J2a-L26>PF5087>M67>Z467 - Silêmanî - Gorani FTDNA: 199581
Heyderan - J2a-L26>PF5087>Z6065>M47 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346262

Îzolan - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84 - Elêzîz, Kurmanji

Jaff (Caf) - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: 188408
Jaff (Caf) - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z387>L70 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: 376203
Joumblatt (Canbolad) - E1b1b1-M35>M78>V13>Z40644 - Lebanon, Kurmanji FTDNA: M10306

Karsanan - H1a1a-M82 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346295
Karsanan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E13227
Karsanan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E22128
Kewan-Beytan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: B13560
Kewan-Maqsudan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346254
Kewan-Pezgewran - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: N82126
Kirxan - R1a-L62>M417 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: ?
Kolanî - E1b1b1-M35>M78>V22 - Qerabax, Kurmanji FTDNA: 205303
Kurêyşan -  E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84>FGC18401 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E22088
Kurêyşan -  E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84>FGC18401 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E22084
Kurêyşan - J2a-L26>PF5087>Z6065>M47 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346282

Lertîgan - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84>FGC18401>FGC18388 - Çewlig, Kurmanji FTDNA: 329840
Lolan - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z7700>L192>FGC30635  - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: N100593

Melik Şahî - E1b1b1-M35>M78 (V12-, V13-, V22-, V65-) - Îlam,  Feyli
Melik Şahî - J1-M267>Z1828>Z1842>ZS3128 - Xaneqîn,  Feyli FTDNA: 533995
Menîkan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346266
Mîran - I2a2a-M438>M223 - Hewlêr, Sorani FTDNA: 415167
Mûsî - J1-M267 (M365-, P56-, P58-) - Îlam,  Feyli

Pîlvenkan - R1a-L62>M417>Z94>Z2124 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346260
Pîlvenkan - R1a-L62>M417>Z282>YP4858>YP5820 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: E18606
Pîlvenkan - R1a-L62>M417>Z282>YP4858>YP5820 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: E21646
Pîlvenkan - R1a-L62>M417>Z282>YP4858>YP5820 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: E22087

Qîran - R1a-L62>M417>Z282>YP4858 - Al-Baaj, Ezidî FTDNA: 534044
Qoçgirîan - J1-M267>P58>Z2313>Z1884>L829Qoçgirî, Kurmanji FTDNA: 311329

Sinêmîlan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: ?
Sîyan - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84 - Hewlêr, Sorani FTDNA: 554430

Şadîan - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84>FGC18401 - Erzingan, Kurmanji FTDNA: 311328
Şadîan - J1-M267>P58>Z2313>Z1884>L829Qoçgirî, Kurmanji FTDNA: 456206
Şadîan - L1b2b-M22>M317>PH8 - Çewlig, Kurmanji FTDNA: 292179
Şadîan - R1a-L62>M417 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji
Şadîan - R1a-L62>M417>Z94>Z2124 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: 346265
Şadîan - R1a-L62>M417>Z94>Z2124>Z2125 - Êrêvan, Kurmanji FTDNA: 453857
Şex Bizinî - R1a-L62>M417>Z94 - Kerkûk, Soranî FTDNA: 534001
Şex Hesenan-Xidan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 555170

Talabanî - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z387 - Kerkûk - Sorani FTDNA: 429046
Tirikan - R1a-L62>M417 - Konya - Kurmanji

Xiran - E1b1b1-M35>M34>M84 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji
Xiran - L1b2b-M22>M317>PH8 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: 557334
Xiran - R1b-M343>M269>L23>Z2106>CTS8966 - Dêrsim, Kurmanji FTDNA: E22086
Xizil - J2a-L26>M47 - Îlam,  Feyli
Xizil - G2a2b-P287>L31>L30 - Îlam,  Feyli
Xocavendî - G2a2b2a-P287>L31>L30>P303 - Qerabax,  Kurmanji FTDNA: 349197
Xormekan - J2a-L26>PF5087>Z6065>M47 - Çewlig,  Zaza FTDNA: E22085
Xormekan - J2a-L26>PF5087>L24>Z387>Z438 - Çewlig,  Zaza FTDNA: E22081
Xoşnav - G2a2b1-P287>L31>L30>M406 - Hewlêr,  Sorani FTDNA: 554427

Usivan - R1b-M343>M269>L23>L584>PH2731 - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: E18159

Zebarî - R1b-M343>M269>PF7562 - Hewlêr, Kurmanji Ysearch: X3HFU
Zengene - J2a-L26>PF5087>M67>Z500 - Silêmanî, Sorani FTDNA: 615639
Zerarî - J1-M267>P58 - Hewlêr, Sorani FTDNA: 554431 

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  1. MfA,

    Do Kurdish population show R1a-L657?.

    1. Haven't been found on any study or non study Kurdish samples so far.

      Some may pop up in future though. Since a few H1s have been found so far, It's probably Romani related.

    2. I think Z94 split into Z2124 and L-657 around Bactria-N India .

      Just like it can be said in case of R for R1 and R2.

    3. Z2124 most likely has nothing to do with Bactria-N India and it's from eastern Europe. I guess It's same for L657 too but we have no ancient samples that support that so far.

  2. MfA,

    This sample listed as this ''Talabanî - J2a1h2 (L26+, L25+, Z438+) - Silêmanî - Sorani FTDNA: 429046'' but on the map his origin is listed as

    J2a1h2 (L26+, L25+, Z438+)

    Same person different origins listed? How come?

  3. No problem...I only have a few more questions about some of these results. This is actually all very interesting. I am most interested in the above Y-DNA haplogroup J2a results from Anatolia.

    Balaban - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346263

    Derwiş Cemelan - J2 (M172+) - Dêrsim - Zaza FTDNA: ?

    Ginîan - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Sewas, Zaza FTDNA: 343979

    Haydaran - J2a1a (L26+, M47+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346262

    Kurêyşan - J2a1a (L26+, M47+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346282

    Lolan - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: N100593

    Those results are all from distinct tribes correct? That is the Balaban, Derwiş Cemelan, Ginîan, Haydaran, Kurêyşan and Lolan are all tribal groups from Anatolia correct?

  4. Okay but all of these results are tribal correct?

    Balaban - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346263

    Derwiş Cemelan - J2 (M172+) - Dêrsim - Zaza FTDNA: ?

    Ginîan - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Sewas, Zaza FTDNA: 343979

    Haydaran - J2a1a (L26+, M47+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346262

    Kurêyşan - J2a1a (L26+, M47+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: 346282

    Lolan - J2a1h2d (L26+, L25+, L192+) - Dêrsim, Zaza FTDNA: N100593

    That is the Balaban, the Derwiş Cemelan, the Ginîan, the Haydaran, the Kurêyşan and the Lolan are all distinct tribes correct?

    1. Yes, they're all distinct tribes. There is nothnig significant tribal relations in the region of these tribes you mentioned anymore though. Nomore tribal lifestyle. It's nothing more than a family story anymore.

  5. Right okay that makes sense. The direct paternal line grandfathers or great grandfathers of these Y-DNA haplogroup J2a men from the Balaban, Derwiş Cemelan, Ginîan, Haydaran, Kurêyşan and Lolan tribes would have lived the old tribal lifestyle though correct?

  6. I also noticed this result in the Iraq DNA project.

    350 376203 Al-Jaf Iraq J-M172


    I do not know if that is a Kurdish or Arab result though?

    1. Thanks, added him. Jaff (Caf) is a big tribe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaff

  7. So it safe to say then that this man at least along his direct paternal line definitely belongs to the Kurdish Jaff tribe?

    350 376203 Al-Jaf Iraq J-M172


    He is for sure a Kurd from the Jaff tribe of Iraq?

  8. Okay thanks...Now these are my last questions...It relates to the tribes of Dersim. In general how old are the tribes of Dersim? Do many of them have roots that stretch back to the Middle Ages or even longer ago? Or are they more recent formations? Do you know?

    1. There are a few tribes claim they're a thousand year old -i.e Şadan. The tribe my line belongs to is a few centruy old. It's not actually a tribe originating from one man but amalgam of people originate from same place who seek refuge in their current location and natives of the location started calling them where they came from. It eventually has become their tribe.

      Following tribes claim to be originated from Khorasan and immigrated to Dêrsim 1300s: Şêx Hasanan, Kurêyşan, Hormekan, îzolan, Karsanan, Mîllan, Bamasûran, Lolan, Derwiş Cemelan.

    2. As Khorasan we know was not a Kurdish land but a Persian one, the Kurdish tribes who claim to have migrated from Khorasan probably came from the Kurdistan area in what is now northwestern Iran, northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria. Since Khorasan means "east" in Persian, in the past it designated not a specific land but any land to the east. The famous Alevi writer Hamza Aksüt also points to this fact.

  9. Very interesting thank you. I know that I said those were my last questions above but your answer has spawned a few more. So the tribes that the Y-DNA haplogroup J2a Zaza men from Dersim belong to such as the Lolan, Kurêyşan and Derwiş Cemelan may have originated as long ago as 1300 AD (Christian Calendar)?

    1. Yes, according to book I cited at op.

  10. Very interesting thank you. How about the Ginîan tribe that the haplogroup J2a Zaza man from Sewas belongs to? Do you know how old that tribe may be?

    1. I read somewhere can't recall atm, Ginîans immigrated at 1800s to Sewas from Dêrsim. IBD matches as far as I can see on GEDmatch, at least confirm that.

    2. Rest of the Qoçgirî confederation tribes immigrated at 1500s to Sewas from area between Amed - Çewlig.

  11. Yes I have also read that the Ginîan tribe in Sewas originally comes from Dersim. How old do you think the Ginîan tribe may be? When did it originate? Also around 1300 AD possibly?

    1. Ginîan may not be an actual tribe prior to 1800s when they migrate to Sewas. I read others call people who speaks like them, Ginîan. Not much known.

  12. Ahhh okay I see. Now how about the Balaban tribe that so far has both Y-DNA haplogroup J2a and Y-DNA haplogroup R1b results? Do you know how old that tribe may be?

  13. Yes, Ginîan and all the rest of the Kurdish tribes of the Karabel area of the Qoçgirî region of Sivas migrated to Sivas from Dersim during the 19th century, and they are all Dersim Zaza-speaking Alevi Kurdish tribes in conformity with their Dersim origins. But the Kurdish tribes of the rest of the Qoçgirî region of Sivas are all Kurmanji-speaking Alevi Kurdish tribes and they migrated to Sivas not from Dersim but from other places (likely Amed and Çewlig) around the 16th century and they are the real tribes of the Qoçgirî tribal confederation.

    That J2a1h2d Ginîan tribe member from Sivas is a friend of mine and he says that the Ginîan tribe might have originated from the Gnuni tribe of Armenians and switched to Zaza Kurdish and Alevism at a late time (the 19th century or prior) but when they were all still in Dersim.

  14. Hey MfA would it be ok if you add my result also on this map, seems like you have no sample from the Heverka principality.

    You know my results. yDNA R1a1a1, mtDNA HV2a1, I am from the Domana tribe of Idil region in Sirnak province.

  15. Ah sorry I see I am already on the map ^^

  16. hi guys. i am from the Alxas tribe from Maras/Elbistan. Do you need my result?

  17. Hi there, I am from Farukhkani tribe with Haplogroup T on both sides. I am curious which other Kurdish tribes have this haplogroup?

  18. are feylis of arabian descent?
    Because they just get J1 or E1b1b1